KrossCall harnesses the power of the first impression, and offers elite customer service solutions to organizations committed to their client’s needs. Our call centre features highly-trained staff, removing the element of guesswork from our interactions with clients. When one of our customer service agents takes a call, this is done with a level of skill that is the result of selection and refined training. The confidence we have in the abilities of our staff is absolute, and invariably inspires confidence in the customers they assist on your behalf.

A robust, reliable and scalable Customer Services operation is one of the most vital aspects of your company's service offering, and your business will go from strength to strength if it's done right.

KrossCall can offer your business, and indeed your customers, a professional, expert-level and bespoke ‘turnkey’ customer services operation specifically designed for your business. We have a proven record working with Multinational Companies and we will consistently deliver what you and your customers need on time and professionally.

Our confidence in being able to provide a comprehensive customer services operation is based on the fact that we spend time and effort understanding your business, your products and services and most importantly, your customers. We are an extension of your business and we know callers look for transparency and the knowledge that they are calling your company and speaking to your employees who have extensive knowledge of your business, its culture and its brand values.

You can take the pressure off your business and outsource to KrossCall’s experienced call centre services letting our team work as a seamless extension to your business. With our ability to build exceptional business-customer relations, we enhance confidence in your business, providing a highly efficient call handling service, without increasing staffing or office space. Treating your customers as our own creates an excellent rapport and the benefits to your business are clear from the results.

Our philosophy at KrossCall is to focus on quality of service rather than volume driven targets, with a commitment to achieve maximum call and conversion rates whilst ensuring that customers are handled properly. To enable our agents to work to the best of their ability, we continually invest in innovative tools and technologies to support our outbound contact centre services and maintain a highly skilled team with a diverse range of customer service skills.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, KrossCall will work closely with you to identify your Unique Selling Points (USP) and then tailor each individual campaign so that we can maximise the potential of each call.

Our expertise and experience, coupled with our commitment to customer service and continuous quality control of our agents, has helped our clients to achieve outstanding results in a relatively short period of time.