Who we are?
KrossCall brings together an established track-record in client relationship management with an ongoing commitment to perfect each customer’s experience. We understand that elite-level performance in call-centre service support is not a matter of luck, but skill and the conscientious application of structured processes. For this reason, our team is carefully recruited and trained to a level of technical excellence which is certified by European training institutions.

This ultimately allows KrossCall to offer a superior service experience to all its clients, day-to-day basis. For this reason, our clients consistently trust us to take their next call.
Why KrossCall?
We are committed to applying our existing knowledge and skills to provide the best customer service. Simultaneously, we invest in our personnel’s development to secure our position ahead of the curve.
What makes us different?
Most customers have become de-sensitized to run-of-the-mill customer service, and pedestrian approach can no longer make the grade. KrossCall distances itself from its competition by recruiting its call centre agents with a measure of science – ensuring the right personality always answers the call.
What distinguishes our agents?
We target the right talent when recruiting and proceed with extensive formal training, as well as ongoing in-house mentoring. Our commitment to sophistication hones our agents’ talent, and allows them to have their role down to an art.